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  • When you place your order, you'll be asked to fill in your measurements for our seamstresses. Here's how to take your measurements properly:

  • Use a fabric tape measure. A metal tape measure can buckle and bend, which may lead to an inaccurate measurement of your size.
  • Keep the tape measure taut, but don't stretch it tight.
  • Wear the same undergarments that you will wear on your wedding day. If you can't, wear a style similar to what you plan to wear.
  • Wear the same shoes that you will wear on your wedding day. If you can't, wear shoes with the same heel height you plan to wear.
  • Keep your feet six inches apart.


  • A perfect-fitting dress starts with perfect measurements. Before ordering a made-to-measure dress from DuDuTa.com, we strongly encourage finding a professional local tailor who can help you measure accurately. Here, we'll show you which measurements are needed and how to correctly take them.
  • Warning: measuring yourself at home is trickier than you think! For best results, always have your measurements taken by a professional local tailor.

  • We strongly recommend that you have someone help you take your measurements. This can be a professional seamstress/tailor or friend. Taking measures on your own may result in inaccurate numbers.

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